January 20, 2013

Blog Awards, Gratefully Received

I’ve had several pleasant surprises in the past week or so as A Sense of Family has been nominated for two blog awards. I’m delighted and honored to have been selected for these awards by five fellow bloggers whose work I enjoy. What a nice way to start off the new year!

Jana Last at Jana’s Genealogy and Family History Blog nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Liebster means "friend" or “dearest” in German, and the little heart insignia reminds me of a piece of folk art. Thank you, Jana, for this honor. If you aren’t already a regular reader of Jana’s blog, you’ll want to be sure to check it out. She does a terrific job of finding interesting posts to highlight each week on her “Follow Friday—Fab Finds” posts, and shares some great Sepia Saturday photographs and travel stories with her readers.

I was also kindly nominated by Margel, who writes 2338 W. Washington Blvd. Margel’s posts about her family history adventures are always a delight to read, warm and full of her natural good humor. You can tell you’re in for a treat just from her “About Me” profile, where she says, “If I ever win a fortune in the lottery, I will travel the world and hire someone else to clean my house.” Now there’s a woman after my own heart!

A third nomination for the Liebster Blog Award came from Linda Huesca Tully of Many Branches, One Tree. That’s a great name for a family history blog, don’t you think? Linda wrote that she has just discovered my blog, for which I’m grateful. Now I’ve discovered hers as well, and am enjoying her loving memories of family members.

Mariann Regan of Into the Briar Patch recognized me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. The creator of this award wrote, “As bloggers, we are also readers. That is a part of blogging as listening is a part of speaking.” Thanks, Mariann, for this nomination. It seems especially fitting, as Mariann herself is such a loyal reader, frequently leaving thoughtful comments and gracious words on my posts. Her blog is relatively new, but she’s taken right off with it, as you can see by her recent thought-provoking post on Boone Hall Plantation.

I’m grateful as well to Jacqi Stevens of A Family Tapestry, who also granted me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Again, I could just as easily flip this around, because Jacqi herself is such a supportive commenter on my blog. I recently wrote about how she inspired me to come up with A Kinder, Gentler Approach to Genealogy Goals. Currently Jacqi is going through a stash of inherited photos and writing about her discoveries—an interesting series that gives me ideas about how to approach some photos of my own.

Thank you not only to these bloggers, but to all my readers. I’m grateful for each and every one of you. An extra thanks goes out to those who take the time from their busy days to write a comment when something I’ve written has helped, inspired, interested, or touched them.

Both of these awards ask recipients to nominate other bloggers in return. But in the interest of time, that part is going to have to wait until another day. I read and enjoy so many great blogs that I’m finding it nearly impossible to single out just a few. We are a lucky community to have so many people dedicated to sharing their family history discoveries and genealogical knowledge for all to benefit from. I’m just glad to be a part of it.



  1. Congratulaions, Shelley, on your well deserved awards.

  2. Shelley, I'm came to give you an award -- but I see that you just received it! Still, I've already written the post naming you and your blog as recipients of Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and I'm sticking with it! Thank you for your support in both reading and commenting at my blog. I appreciate receiving your thoughtful insights. Thank you. (If you want you can read my post at http://nancysfamilyhistoryblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-favorite-award-to-give.html.)

    1. Nancy, that's so funny, because if I had gotten around to naming people to give awards to, I would have given you the Wonderful Team Readership Award! So thank you very much for the honor. It's always a pleasure to read your blog and discover what you've been reading or thinking or working on. I really appreciate the nomination coming from you.

  3. Shelley, thank you for your kind words. And congratulations on the awards you've received. They are very well deserved!

    1. Thanks, Jana. You don't know how much I look forward to your Fab Finds post each Friday. You always seem to find the neatest things. I'm thrilled whenever I see my name on there, believe me!

  4. Oh, Shelley, I so much agree that we are a lucky community of readers and writers, all sharing insights and discoveries about family history.

    When you describe Margel as "a delight to read, warm and full of good humor," I believe this could also be a description of yourself and your own blog. A good fit for a Kinder, Gentler Approach to Genealogy Goals.

    I'm glad to learn about other blogs through these awards, and have expanded circles of sharing. The only part I didn't like was "having" to single out people for awards and thereby leave out others. But we don't have to follow such rules, as you point out. We can just widen our circles of appreciation --- to the extent that there is world enough and time! Very much fun.


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