August 24, 2011

Evans Family Portrait - Wordless Wednesday

Evan Evans and his wife, Mary Hughes Evans, posed with their seven grown children for this family portrait at the Baker Art Studio in Columbus, Ohio. The portrait is undated, but I estimate it dates to about 1895. The Evans were Welsh, having immigrated from Montgomeryshire in north Wales. They look quite distinguished, don’t they?

In the front row, from left to right, are: Mary Evans Williams, Evan Evans (father), Elizabeth Evans Roberts, Mary Hughes Evans (mother), and Hannah Evans Morgan. In the back are: Evan Evans (son), John Evans, Anne Evans Morgan, and Thomas Evans.

Evan and Mary Evans were my husband’s great-great-grandparents, and John Evans was his great-grandfather. As I dip my toes into Welsh research, I’m finding that the Evans surname is just about as common in Wales as Smith is in the U.S. But fortunately I have this lovely photograph to inspire me!

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