June 29, 2011

Mystery Photo - Help Needed!

One of my Ballenger relatives showed me this photo, which she inherited. It's a mystery to both of us. Has anyone seen a photo done in this style before? To me, it looks as though the background has been colored in. Can you guess at the approximate date by the clothing or hairstyles of the three young men?  The photo is framed and there is nothing written on the back. I would really appreciate any and all help in trying to figure out when it might have been taken!


  1. This is a really unusual photograph. For sure the young men are photographs but the scenery behind looks more like a painting, especially the trees. Is it a more modern altered art piece or was it made a hundred years ago, I wonder. I hope you'll share what you find. Maureen Taylor, Photo Detective, could probably add some insight.

  2. It looks like a badly colorized photo to me.

  3. Thanks, Nancy, it struck me as unusual too. I don't know if the background is real or a painted backdrop they stood in front of. I'd estimate the photo is at least 80-90 years old, judging by the framing job alone. I like your idea of submitting it to Maureen Taylor-I might try that!


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