March 31, 2013

Easter Morning 1967

The Ballenger Family, Easter morning, March 26, 1967

I love this picture of my family. My Mom always made me a new dress for Easter every year, out of the same material she made her own dress, so that we would have matching dresses. We went to the First Congregational Church and then to one of my grandparents’ houses for Easter dinner. This picture was taken at my Grandma and Grandpa Ballenger’s house on Kenwick Rd. on the east side of Columbus. Of course, the highlight of the day for me was finding the basket the Easter Bunny had hidden, full of candy and treats. Sweet memories all around.

Happy Easter to you, my dear readers!


  1. Shelley, what sweet memories of your childhood Easter commemorations! Your mom sure was talented!

    Best wishes for a blessed Easter for you and your family today!

  2. Beautiful childhood photo. Your mother and father both clearly love their children -- that's obvious in the group pose. Thanks!

    1. Mariann, I think what I like best is the impish look on my brother's face!

  3. What a lovely photo and what sweet memories of Easter. I'm a little late, but I hope you had a very Happy Easter, Shelley!


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