March 6, 2012

Irish is an Attitude

Ha'Penny Bridge Imports of Ireland, Dublin, Ohio

Do you have roots in Ireland? Are you Irish American, even a little bit? Or, like me, do you secretly wish you were every time you hear Irish music? Then I have one quick suggestion for you: run to the iTunes store or your music vendor of choice and get the song “American Land” from Bruce Springsteen’s just-released album, Wrecking Ball.

The song is a celebration of the Irish spirit in American culture. And it's a tribute to American immigrants from every nation. It’s so much fun that I dare you not to smile and tap your feet as you listen along.

The city I live in—Dublin, Ohio—was named after Dublin, Ireland by John Shields. He surveyed the land for the town’s founder, John Sells, back in 1810. Here in Dublin, the slogan is “Irish is an Attitude.” Each year, as the St. Patrick’s Day parade rolls down Bridge Street in March, and again in August as the city welcomes thousands of visitors to the three-day Dublin Irish Festival, it truly does feel like everyone is a little bit Irish. So today, I invite you to feel a little bit Irish, too.

And while you’re at it, stop by and say happy blogiversary to Jennifer at On a Flesh and Bone Foundation: An Irish History. She writes a lovely blog about Irish resources, heritage, and places, and takes the most beautiful pictures. See her post on Free Online Sources for Irish Family History and Genealogy for its helpfulness, If today was your last day on earth for its message, and then enjoy Dublin Streetscapes and Looking back from whence we came: The Wicklow Mountains, Ireland for their sheer beauty.

Thanks to my music-loving husband for discovering “American Land." His maternal ancestors—the Baxters, Flacks, Carmichaels, Cleelands, and McIlwaines—hail from County Antrim in Northern Ireland. I haven’t written much about this side of his family yet, but I can feel the inspiration rising with every beat. 

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  1. Thanks for the fun music video and for the reminder of Jennifer's blog anniversary. This was a fun post, Shelley.

  2. Hello Shelly,

    Thanks so very much for the lovely long mention. You have absolutely made my week.

    Cheers to you for wearing your Irish attitude so well!


    1. The pleasure is all mine, Jennifer. I truly enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it for a long time to come!

  3. Shelley, I had no idea you live in Dublin! My aunt lives there, too. We visit there every year--almost made the festival last August--and would love to meet up with you sometime!

    1. Jacqi, I'd love to meet you, too! Absolutely, email me when you know when you'll be visiting and we can plan to get together. The festival is a blast--you'll have to try it when you can. I volunteer at the genealogy tent there every year.

  4. I love being Irish. My maternal grandparents were born in Ireland. My grandfather loved to drink a bit, but every lent he gave up drinking, except St. Patrick's Day didn't count. I still have a number of cousins still over in Ireland.

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

  5. I love that: "except St. Patrick's Day didn't count." Having some cousins still in Ireland sounds like a great reason to visit there!

  6. Enjoyed this post Shelley! It certainly re-invigorated my interest in working on the families of my new sons-in-law. And Bruce really woke me up this morning. Better than a second cup of coffee!

  7. Thanks, Malissa. I always appreciate a little music to get me in the mood for research :) And both your new sons-in-law have Irish ancestry? What fun!


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