December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Eberhard Children

My grandmother, Nora Eberhard (subject of my COG post, "The Life of the Party"), and some of her siblings on the family farm near Galena, Ohio, about 1918. From left to right are Bertha Alice, born April 12, 1911; Georgia Madina (in front), born December 12, 1915;  Carrie Marie, born January 19, 1908; Nora Belle, born March 16, 1910; Robert John (in front), born May 9, 1912; and Anna Lephia, born February 13, 1909. Eight older and two younger siblings are not pictured. The children appear to be dressed up for a special occasion, and look happy and excited. From their clothing, it seems to be summertime. This is the earliest picture I have seen of my grandmother.

(photo copyright S. Bishop 2010)

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