November 1, 2012

Heading into the Homestretch

Can you believe it’s November already? This year has just zipped by. We’ve rounded the final turn and are heading into the homestretch of 2012, with the finish line in sight. (Ok, you’ll have to forgive the racetrack analogy—my Dad had a horse and I spent a lot of time at the track growing up.) It’s time for me to check back on my 2012 goals and see what I might be able to wrap up during these last two months. The year took some unexpected twists, and I know I’m not going to meet some of my original goals, but there’s no sense dwelling on those now. I think it's best to focus instead on what I still want to accomplish.

  • Finish and submit an application to OGS Century Families of Ohio on my Eberhard and Ballenger ancestors
  • Finish and submit an application on my husband’s behalf to Century Families of Ohio on his Evans ancestors
  • Continue researching the Sanborn families of Loudonville, Ohio, to trace their path back to New Hampshire
  • Do research for my clients 

  • Process and file all loose research notes from this year in the appropriate surname binders (my mantra: no new piles!)
  • File more lecture handouts, notes, and research guides for easy retrieval when I need them

  • Write research reports for clients
  • Write research plans on two families for my personal research
  • Write columns for The In-Depth Genealogist 

  • Continue posting regularly here at A Sense of Family
  • Decorate my blog for the holidays (I had to throw something fun in here!) 

  • Participate in my NGSQ Study Group discussions
  • Watch two webinars 

Well, that sounds like more than enough to keep me busy for the next couple of months. Some of these things I’ve already started, and just need a little push to finish. I’ve found that if I put it out here for everyone to see, it gives me that extra kick to get it done. And I’m hoping it will help me stay focused during the holiday rush. How about you? What do you hope to get done before the year ends?


  1. Well, I can't boast as impressive a to-do list as you, Shelley, but I am pursuing the OGS First Families designation on behalf of my husband's family. Not sure I'll get the app done in time for this year, but it's a do-able goal. I think the OGS lineage programs are a wonderful idea.

    1. Jacqi, that's great that you're going for First Families of Ohio. I'm a member too, and it's definitely worth the time you put into it. Feels so good to have your work verified and know it's going to be preserved. Keep at it! Will you be going to the OGS conference next year?

  2. Great goals all! Good for you! I definitely need to work on organizing my genealogy "stuff."

    1. Oh Jana, you hit the nail on the head. Organizing has to take priority for me, too. The reason I'm making myself pledge "no new piles" is because I already have plenty of existing ones :) Thanks for reading and the kind words of support!

  3. Your to-do list sounds very substantial to me! What is the "Century Families of Ohio" -- is it a historical club, sort of like the DAR? Beyond that, you are researching families, organizing, writing, posting, and studying. The definition of a full-time job!

    I'm trying to finish the search for my biracial relatives and (with several family members) start contacting the living ones. Then work on the Fraser branch of my maternal line. And blog, write for IDG (hard to do both), and listen to webinars.

    It's inspiring to me to see that you can multi-task so well. Gives me hope!


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