February 1, 2012

Harry and Mabel Herrel: Wordless Wednesday

My mother gave me this picture for Christmas. It’s of my great-grandparents, Harry and Mabel Herrel, sitting in the summer sun. We think it was taken in the late 1950's. Don’t they look happy together?

Harry F. Herrel, born 29 November 1888 in Cincinnati, Ohio; married  Mabel Seely on 12 October 1909 in Columbus, Ohio; died 3 July 1964 in Columbus.

Mabel Seely, born 22 July 1891 in Columbus; died 30 September 1975 in Millersport, Ohio. Five children: Herbert, Pauline, Frederick (my grandfather), Richard, and Robert Herrel. Pauline, the only girl, died on Christmas Eve at the age of three weeks. The four boys grew up to have families and enjoy long lives.

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  1. They DO look happy. I like the way she has her arm so naturally draped over his knee. It's a beautiful photograph.

  2. They sure do look happy. These older folks didn't have easy lives, but they stuck together through plenty of trials. Not all life was (or is ever) happy, but they were a team.


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