July 13, 2011

Cruisin' in the 1920's - (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Oh, to be young in the summertime and have a car! This picture, taken in the mid-1920’s, shows Harry Baxter, his sister Agnes “Nan” Baxter (in the middle), and Leatha Evans (left)—probably around the time she became Harry’s wife. Harry, an Irish immigrant, and Leatha, whose family came from Wales, were married on May 27, 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio. They were my husband's grandparents. I know the quality of this photo isn’t the greatest—I think it's a copy of a copy of a copy—but I’m glad to have it. Harry looks like quite the scamp, doesn’t he? And don’t you just love those 1920’s dresses? Can't help but wonder what they were up to that day!


  1. They do look like a happy bunch. Made me smile.

  2. It's funny - I look at this and see the expressions and the clothes. My husband remarks on the car.

  3. Glad you got a smile out of it, Kristin. Funny and so true, Greta! Too bad the car didn't get passed down through the family...


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