June 4, 2011

Surname Saturday: Ballenger family

My g-g-g-grandfather, Charles BALLENGER, came to Athens County, Ohio sometime between 1833 and 1840. I am working to establish proof of his parents and where he came from. Charles is almost certainly related to James BALLENGER (died 1855) and William BALLENGER, who came to Athens County about the same time and lived next door to him. The surname is sometimes spelled Ballinger.

                     Great-Great-Great Grandparents
Charles BALLENGER, born 29 June 1815 in Virginia, died 19 October 1891 in Delaware County, Ohio. He married:
Elizabeth Jane ADAMS, born 13 August 1815 in Virginia, died 13 September 1891 in Delaware County, Ohio. They had 8 children:
1.    Margaret Ann BALLENGER, b. ca 1838, Ohio
2.    Martha BALLENGER, b. ca 1841 Athens Co., Ohio
3.    Rebecca BALLENGER, b. ca 1843 Athens Co., Ohio
4.    Priscilla BALLENGER, b. ca 1845 Athens Co., Ohio
5.    Ann Maria BALLENGER, b. ca 1847 Athens Co., Ohio
6.    Charles BALLENGER Jr., b. 8 November 1849 Athens Co., d.19 June 1935 Delaware Co., Ohio
7.    Caroline BALLENGER, b. 10 Aug 1852 Athens Co., married Edward Williams, d.17 April 1926 Delaware Co., Ohio
8.    James M. BALLENGER, b. 19 January 1855 Athens Co., d. 8 March 1913 Delaware Co., Ohio

James Madison BALLENGER, born 19 January 1855 in Athens Co., Ohio, moved to Delaware Co. by 1880, where he died 8 March 1913. On 19 January 1881 in Delaware Co., Ohio, he married:
Anna M. PAYNE, born 3 May 1864 in Ohio, died 20 November 1924 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio. They had 4 children:
1.    Charles C. BALLENGER, b. 15 July 1882 Delaware Co., d. 7 January 1953 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
2.    Clarence BALLENGER, b. August 1888 Delaware Co., d. 18 April 1954 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
3.    Cyril BALLENGER, b. 6 July 1896 (twin) Delaware Co., d. 26 August 1944 Bexley, Franklin Co., Ohio
4.    Cecil BALLENGER, b. 6 July 1896 (twin), married Charles Parker, d. 22 May 1993 Westerville, Franklin Co., Ohio

Charles Cleveland BALLENGER, born 15 July 1882 Delaware Co., died 7 January 1953 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio. On 12 December 1906 in Delaware Co., Ohio, he married:
Irene Pearl CLARK, born 28 November 1887 in Delaware Co., died 21October 1965 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio. They had 4 children:
1.    Florence N. BALLENGER, b. 3 December 1907 Delaware Co., married Gordon Meeks, d. 14 April 2000 Franklin Co., Ohio
2.    Unnamed female infant, b. and d. 27 December 1908 in Franklin Co., Ohio
3.    Lloyd Russell BALLENGER, b. 3 May 1911 in Westerville, Franklin Co., married Nora EBERHARD on 30 March 1935 in Kentucky, d. 4 June 2002 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
4.    Dwight “Smokey” BALLENGER, b. 27 April 1916 in Westerville, Franklin Co., d. 20 January 1990 in Westerville, Franklin Co., Ohio

I would love to connect with others researching the Ballenger family, particularly anyone who knows or suspects who the parents of Charles, James, and/or William Ballenger (all born in Virginia between 1815-1820) might be. You can leave a comment below or email me directly at sbishop@asenseoffamily.com. I’d be happy to share the information I’ve collected!


  1. i am descended from elizabeth j. adams and charles ballenger; elizabeth j adams was the daughter of john quincy adams.

    charles and elizabeth had a daughter whose name began with 'm'

    m ballenger married samuel w, moss;

    their daughter was eva m. moss who appears to have been born in franklin county, ohio;

    eva married prof. r.h. wagoner who, from what i have been told, was born in germany and immigrated to ohio.

    eva and rudolph had a daughter named marie - who was born in westerville, ohio.

    marie married ray w. gifford (the first).

    Together they had three sons, one of whom was my father - dr. ray w. gifford

    he married mary elizabeth morris also of westerville.

    they had three daughters, one of whom married j. patrick lewis and is living in westerville.

    my name is peggy gifford. i am the oldest of Ray w. gifford jr and Mary elizabeth morris gifford. I live in new york city.

    does this relate in any way to your queries?

    Peggy Gifford

    1. Hi Peggy,

      Yes, I am certain we are talking about the same Ballenger family! Charles and Elizabeth's daughter, Martha Ballenger, married Samuel Moss on 12 March 1857 in Athens County, Ohio. Samuel and Martha Moss later moved to Westerville, which straddles Delaware and Franklin Counties. Martha died 9 January 1919 in Westerville and was buried in Otterbein Cemetery, where many Ballengers were laid to rest.

      I knew Samuel and Martha had a son, Charles Wilmott Moss, but I didn't know about Eva. I was quickly able to find her marriage and death records on FamilySearch. She and Rudolph H. Wagoner were married in Delaware County on 26 August 1891. Eva (Moss) Wagoner died 27 September 1941 in Westerville.

      The bottom line of all this is that you and I are fourth cousins. I am so glad you left a comment for me! I would love to communicate more with you and share information. I'm particularly curious about anything you may know about Elizabeth Jane Adams' parents.

      Please email me at sbishop@ASenseOfFamily.com so we can keep in touch. I look forward to hearing from you again!

      Best wishes,


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