May 24, 2011

My Favorite Genealogy Calculators - Tech Tuesday

Just like their physical counterparts, online genealogy calculators can save time and reduce errors. Need to figure a birth date from a tombstone that gives the deceased’s date of death and age in years, months, and days? There’s a tool for that. Curious to figure out how much an estate valued at $1500 in 1870 would be worth today? No sweat. Need to find out when Whitsunday fell in 1796? (I did, to determine a death date.) Done in a flash.

Below are some of my favorite sites offering free genealogy calculation and conversion tools. They will be the first resources listed in my new Research Tools page, which you can get to by clicking on the tab above. I’m hoping these tools will help make your research faster, easier, and more productive.

Ancestor Search Genealogy Calculators & Calendar Tools:  (12 easy-to-use conversion utilities)

Birthdate Calculator by Olive Tree Genealogy:   (figure a birth date from a death date and age)

Birth Year from Census Age: (figure a birth year or range of years from census information)

Date of Easter: (find dates of 5 spring church holidays since 1583)

Historical Currency Conversions: (a simple utility for determining today’s monetary value)

Rosetta Calendar: (convert between Gregorian, Julian, and Hebrew calendars) (handy calendar, time zone, full moon, and distance finders)

U.K. The National Archives Currency Converter:
(find relative values of old British money—particularly helpful in Colonial and Revolutionary-era research)

I hope these will help you find some quick answers to some of your questions regarding dates, calendars, and monetary values. Happy hunting!

(Note: I am indebted to Thomas MacEntee for the idea of creating a Research Tools page. His excellent Research Toolbox can be found on his blog, Destination Austin Family. You can buy a CD of his recent webinar, "Building a Research Toolbox," produced by Legacy Family Trees, here. I have no affiliation with Legacy Family Trees, other than as a consumer who enjoys their webinars.)


  1. Thanks for posting these. I know they'll be helpful. I really want to find a gadget for a date calculator (two dates, difference between) for the sidebar of my blog! Any ideas about where to find one of those? Thanks again.

  2. That would be really handy, Nancy! I don't know of a sidebar gadget like that right off, but I'll look around and if I find anything, I'll post it. I'm glad you found the list helpful.

  3. This is a better conversion site for money and value:

  4. Thanks, Martin, that site looks good. I'll have to add it to my list!

  5. One of my favorite tools that's built into my genealogy program is the relationship calculator. Kids or hubby always ask..'well, how am I related?' I pop in the two individuals and it tells me. especially helpful when dealing with cousin connections!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  6. Theresa, my genealogy software (Reunion) has the same type of relationship finder built in, and I agree it's a great tool! I use it all the time. Ancestor Search (on the list) also offers a relationship calculator. Of course it's not by name, but it still comes in handy. Thanks for stopping by!


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