August 20, 2014

Indian Lake Bathing Beauty 1935: Wordless Wednesday

My grandmother, Wilma Steele, at Indian Lake in Logan County, Ohio, in the summer of 1935. At not quite 19 years old, I think she looked pretty cute in her little swim shorts. This was a few months before she eloped to marry Fred Herrel.



  1. What a sweet photo, Shelley. Swimsuits evolved pretty quickly if you consider that in the late 1800s they completely covered bodies and in 1935 there was lots of skin showing. Her grandmother, if she was still alive, may have been appalled at her swimsuit, don't you think?

  2. Oh, I'd imagine she'd definitely be appalled, Nancy. Even in the 1910s you see big, elaborate swim costumes. I dare say my grandma was quite the modern girl, going out to the lake with her friends. From other photos I've seen, I'd say they had a lot of fun!


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