September 19, 2012

Harold Eberhard, Sports Car Driver

“Harold in sports car” is scrawled on the back of this photograph in my grandmother’s distinctive handwriting. Harold Llewellyn Eberhard, her older brother, was born May 15, 1896. The photo was probably taken at the family farm near Galena in Delaware County, Ohio, judging by the barn behind him. It looks like maybe he had just wheeled the car out of the open barn door, doesn't it?

I don’t know whether Harold owned the car or not, but he sure looks like a proud young man sitting up there in the driver’s seat. I’d like to use the car to help date the photo, but I’m woefully unfamiliar with early vehicles. Any antique car enthusiasts out there want to take a guess as to the make and model of his “sports car"?

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