November 26, 2011

Names, Places, and Most Wanted Faces, Part 2: Surname Saturday

Last week I listed the surnames of my ancestors in the “Names, Places, and Most Wanted Faces” meme being circulated by Thomas MacEntee of Destination: Austin Family. This week I’m doing the same for my husband’s ancestors. The guidelines for participating in the meme, which is designed to help researchers and cousins make connections with each other, are:
  1. List your surnames in alphabetical order as follows:  [SURNAME]: State/province (county/subdivision), date range
  2. At the end, list your most wanted ancestor with details
  3. Leave a comment with a link to your post on Destination: Austin Family 
My husband’s ancestors came predominately from the United Kingdom—England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The early ones settled in New England for several generations before venturing westward to Ohio. Drum roll please for:

  • BARNUM:  Connecticut (Litchfield Co.) to 1800, Massachusetts (Berkshire Co.) 1795-1840 & Ohio (Portage Co.) 1835-1910
  • BAXTER:  Northern Ireland (Counties Antrim & Down) 1800-1930 & Ohio (Cuyahoga & Portage Co.) 1908-present
  • BEUM:  Ohio (Knox, Delaware, & Franklin Co.) 1800-1910
  • BISHOP:  Massachusetts (?) to 1840 & Ohio (Portage Co.) 1835-present
  • CARMICHAEL:  Northern Ireland (County Antrim) 1800-1930
  • CRITES:  Pennsylvania (Berks Co.) to 1840 & Ohio (Ashland & Fairfield Co.) 1830-1970
  • DICKEY:  Ireland (Castletown) 1800-1860, Ontario (Brampton) by 1860 & Ohio (Geauga & Portage Co.) 1880-1930
  • EVANS:  Wales (Montgomeryshire) 1700-1900 & Ohio (Franklin & Cuyahoga Co.) 1840-present
  • FLACK:  Northern Ireland (County Antrim) 1800-1930
  • HART:  Connecticut (Hartford Co.) to 1800, Massachusetts (Berkshire Co.) 1790-1850 & Ohio (Portage Co.) 1840-1900
  • IVES:  Connecticut (New Haven Co.) 1700-1810, New York (Onondaga Co.) 1800-1830 & Ohio (Ashland & Geauga Co.) 1825-1900
  • LOCKE:  Connecticut (Merrimack Co.) to 1850
  • LUCAS:  Ohio (Muskingham & Licking Co.) 1790-1890
  • MATTHEWS:  Connecticut (Hartford Co.) 1730-1810
  • PARKER:  Ontario, Canada (Brampton) by 1860 & Ohio (Geauga Co.) to 1930
  • SANBORN:  New Hampshire (Rockingham & Merrimack Co.) 1700-1850 & Ohio (Ashland Co.) 1835-1960
  • SMITH:  New Hampshire (Rockingham & Belknap Co.) 1730-1850 & Ohio (Ashland Co.) 1830-1920
  • TUTTLE:  Ohio (Holmes & Knox Co.) 1800-1930 

And now for the Most Wanted Ancestor:
  • The father of Fitch BISHOP. Fitch was born in August 1811, probably in Massachusetts. He married Sarah Ann BARNUM in 1835 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Mass. By 1840 they had settled in Portage Co., Ohio and started a family that would remain there for five generations. But who were Fitch’s parents? It’s possible that his given name was originally a family surname, so I have been looking for a BISHOP-FITCH marriage. One census record gave his birthplace as New York. Assuming Fitch was not dropped out of the sky by aliens, his parents must be waiting to be found somewhere.

If you’re researching any of the family lines listed above, I’d love to hear from you. It’s always great to make new connections and meet potential cousins. Please leave a comment below or email me at sbishop(at)aSenseofFamily(dot)com.

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