November 19, 2011

Names, Places, and Most Wanted Faces 1: Surname Saturday

Thomas MacEntee has invited bloggers to post their “Names, Places, and Most Wanted Faces” for other researchers to see, and I’m happy to participate. You can read about how the meme started on Thomas’ blog, Destination: Austin Family. In a nutshell, here are the guidelines:

1. List your surnames in alphabetical order as follows:
    [SURNAME]: State/province (county/subdivision), date range
2. At the end, list your most wanted ancestor with details.
3. Leave a comment with a link to your post on Destination: Austin Family here.

Today I’m listing the names for my ancestors, with a similar post to follow on my husband’s ancestors. Drum roll please for: 
  • ADAMS:  Virginia (Prince William Co.) to 1840
  • BALLENGER:  Virginia (Fairfax & Fauquier Co.) to 1840 & Ohio (Athens, Delaware, & Franklin Co.) 1835-present
  • CLARK:  Ohio  (Delaware Co.) 1830-1970
  • COMFORT:  Pennsylvania  (Lehigh Co.) to 1900
  • DARST:  Virginia  (Shenandoah Co.) to 1820 & Ohio (Gallia Co.) 1800-1900
  • EBERHARD:  Pennsylvania (Lehigh Co.) to 1910 & Ohio (Logan & Delaware Co.) 1900-present
  • EDWARDS:  Ohio (Delaware Co.) 1850-1950
  • EISENHARD:  Pennsylvania  (Lehigh Co.) to 1900
  • FOX:  Pennsylvania & Virginia  (Shenandoah Co.) 1750-1800
  • HERREL:  Germany (Baden) to 1900 & Ohio (Hamilton & Franklin Co.) 1880-present
  • KING:  North Carolina (Surry Co.) 1720-1830 & Ohio (Gallia & Montgomery Co.) 1810-1970
  • ROUSH:  Germany (Darmstadt, Rhineland-Pfalz) to 1750, Pennsylvania 1730-1770, Virginia (Shenandoah Co.) 1740-1820, & Ohio (Gallia Co.) 1795-1900
  • SCHIEBEL:  Ohio  (Franklin Co.) 1880-1960
  • SEELY:  Indiana (Rush Co.) 1840-1870 & Ohio (Franklin Co.) 1860-1940
  • STEELE: West Virginia  (Mason Co.) 1825-1880 & Ohio (Meigs & Franklin Co.) 1850-present

 And now for my Most Wanted Ancestor:
  • The father of Charles BALLENGER. Charles was born about 1815, possibly in Fairfax County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Jane ADAMS and moved to Athens County, Ohio by 1840, then to Delaware County, where he died on 19 October 1891. Charles served as administrator for the estate of James BALLENGER (c. 1816-1855) in Athens County, and was also a neighbor of William BALLENGER (born c.1818). Do these three share a common father or grandfather? The search continues.

If you’re researching any of the family lines listed above, I’d love to hear from you. It’s always great to make new connections and meet potential cousins. You can leave a comment below or email me at sbishop(at)aSenseofFamily(dot)com.

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